Samsung Main Board Repair

samsung main board repair

Returns/Guarantee/Warranty/Fine Print:

Returns: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days. You, the Buyer, are responsible for all return shipping costs. There is NO restocking fee. Guarantee: For repair services, we guarantee the repair service will fix your TV. If we cannot fix your board, you will be given a full refund. Please do not send a board that has been tampered with, and/or damaged from a previous attempted repair without our prior authorization. Warranty: Our repair service is warrantied for life. While the repair should last for the life of your TV, if you have a failure of the parts repaired by us, we will replace those parts again at no charge. Other failures not related to the exact original repair will not be covered, including physical damage, lightning, or power surges. Fine Print: The symptoms described in the listing are as accurate as possible, but there can many things wrong with your TV. It is possible there is a different problem with your board/TV that will give similar symptoms, but caused by a completely different issue. Please do your best to troubleshoot your TV before sending us your board. Always ask us questions before you order if you are unsure! Payment by PayPal Only

Terms of Shipping

Repair Services: You will be shipping us your board at your expense. If available, please place your board in an anti-static bag, and wrap your board in suitable padding (bubble wrap, paper, etc.). Ship your package to the address provided in your confirmation email. Sending your package with a signature required can delay your shipment 1-2 days. Your board will be repaired and shipped back, usually the same or next day, at our cost by USPS Priority Mail.
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